To begin, you may utilize any of the product category links in the blue bar on our home page to narrow down your search or simply type the name of the product in the search bar. If you are unsure of whether Dawn Scientific carries the product you need, you may call our Customer Service.

Find the first product you need to purchase, once you are on the product page you will choose the quantity and then click on the red button “Add to Shopping Cart”.  This will add your first item to your cart.  You may then go to additional product pages to add other items to your cart in the same manner.  Please note that our system will automatically add Hazardous Material and/or Poison Pack required fees to your cart for each product that they are required for.

Once you have completed adding all of the items you need to purchase to your cart, you will be asked to choose which “Industry” is representative of your purchases.  If you are purchasing products for your own Individual use, you can also choose “Individual” in the dropdown box.  Next, click the blue “Check out” button.

You will proceed to the second page of the ordering process.  On this page you will input your email address, shipping address, telephone number, and any discount code you may have in the “Discount Code” box on the right side of the screen.  You will now be able to click on the blue button “Continue to Shipping” for shipping costs to be calculated and added to your order.

You will now be able to review your order total prior to proceeding to the payment screen.  The payment screen is the third page in your ordering process and allows you to input your preferred form of payment from the choices provided.  If the billing address for your credit card is the same as your shipping address, check the appropriate box.  If you have a different billing address, you may enter that address in the spaces provided.

Once your payment has been processed the final screen in your ordering process will provide you with your Order Number and say Thank You!

Hazmat Fees are required by shipping carriers for special handling of hazardous materials.

We sell raw chemical products for our customers, like you, to utilize in making their own products.  Our products hence do not come with any directions or instructions as there are many uses for each product.

We advise you to search professional online sources for any directions on utilizing our various chemicals for your specific application or consult a chemist that would be capable of calculating detailed solutions, formulas, and mixing instructions for your end product.

All of the products we sell at are labeled as Dawn Scientific products. We do not provide private label packaging services, but please note that our customers are preapproved to utilize our products, once received, and relabel them to sell as you prefer.

Our website displays all the accurate pricing on our products. During the checkout process our website will show the shipping rates for your order. Some products ship via LTL freight. The shipping rates are calculated for you at checkout.

If you need a formal quote from our sales department, please e-mail or call us 732-902-6300

For bulk and special pricing please contact sales Service at 732-902-6300 or

Bulk Supply
We offer our products in small pack bottles, drums, and totes. We do not offer tankers and truckload sizes. If you are looking for a tanker or truckload of material, we are not your company!

Our normal shipping is via UPS ground shipment and all orders are processed quickly, so expedited shipping is not usually needed. When our customers require overnight or other forms of expedited delivery, we are able to provide that service by utilizing our customer’s FedEx or UPS Account Numbers to facilitate their needs.

Our shipping department prints the labels and assigns tracking numbers first thing every morning and then the carriers do not pick up until between 3 and 6 PM every day. The carriers don’t have any information to add to your tracking number until the following day actually, so check back around lunch time tomorrow and they should have updated information on there for you.

Chloroform and other Restricted Chemical Shipments:

Important: All restricted chemical products will only be shipped to Schools, Universities, Laboratories, or Companies. If you are an individual ordering this product, it will not be shipped to you. It will be deleted from your order and the rest of the order will be shipped without your confirmation.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

We can accept cancellations. However, once an order enters the shipping process, it cannot be canceled (i.e. if the order is already picked for shipping, tracking number generated, etc). If you would like to request a cancellation, please e-mail us at We will put in the request and notify you by email if the cancellation was processed or of your tracking number, if it shipped.