DSI brand includes organic reagents, inorganic reagents and solvents. DSI brand is here to meet your budget whilst not compromising on the quality.



High Purity Solvents & Alcohols


Inorganic Reagent


Biological stains are used for the medical and biological industries to aid in detection of structures within tissues. Dawn Scientific’s TriStain car ensure that you receive the finest quality.

Equipment Used in Laboratory

Dawn Scientific’s Consumables and supplies are of a vast range, all offered here. A one stop place for all your scientific needs, buying in bulk or small packs, we have you covered., with a wide selection of quality products that keep your lab running efficiently and effectively. Our consumables including Plasticware, pipette tips, transfer Pipettes, weighing dish, beakers, test tubes, cuvettes, lab notebooks, glassware and more can be used across a variety of applications according to your laboratory needs. These critical supplies offer quality, value, and convenience so you can focus on what is most important for your laboratory work.