Biological stains are used for the medical and biological industries to aid in detection of structures within tissues. This can include the detection of abnormalities but is not limited to that. The stains are used to define and examine cell populations within the tissues, to mark cells, or to flag proteins. As different stains react to different parts of the cell or tissue, they are useful in the identification of specific areas within the biological material which require focus. Dawn Scientific’s TriStain can ensure that you receive the finest quality dyes used in critical biological stains, offering both certifiable and BSC certified dyes. We, Dawn Scientific, offers all types of quality stains: Simple stains, Differential stains, Negative stains, stain kit as well as Structural/Special stains. We provide the stains in small packs as well as large quantities, please check our list of Stains to fit your needs and requirements or call on us for any further query.
Tristain is our very own brand, and we offer all types of stains and indicators in solutions as well as solid forms. Quality Stains are a major part of all Histology, Hematology and Cytology labs and we understand that quality is of utmost importance, so try our Tristain brand and see the difference. Inquire via email for any items not listed.

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