Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents
One stop shop for all your organic/inorganic reagents, acids & bases, pH buffer solutions, alcohols and reference solutions. We also manufacture custom solutions according to your specifications, get in touch with our sales team and leave the rest to us!
Chemicals for all your laboratory, industrial and educational purposes can be found below. Proud to also introduce our very own DSI brand of chemicals – cUSP, Tristain and more!

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Acids & Base (115)

Alcohols (78)

Amino Acids & Resin (46)

Buffer & Volumetric Solutions (2029)

Bulk Packaging (128)

High Purity Solvents (305)

Innovating Science Chemicals (404)

Inorganic Reagents (734)

Karl Fischer Reagents (6)

Organic Reagents (157)

Peroxides (8)

Reference Standard (2082)

Water (22)